Find that voice deep within you!

This website is about community, a writer’s community. It’s a community for all levels of writers, from all backgrounds, from all corners of the globe. It may be more European-focused in terms of events timings and locations but that’s just related to the origin of the community. In time the community will spread globally and writers around the world will be able to laugh and learn, share their successes, and pour over their struggles with fellow writers providing empathy and inspiration. Perhaps they too have experienced what you are going through but maybe they are further along on their journey and can help you navigate the bumpy path that lies ahead of every writer.

The community started out in November 2020. Most people were working from home during the COVID pandemic and had extra time on their hands. It started on Meet-Up and currently meets up once a week, every Wednesday at 8 pm GMT for ninety minutes. The Meet-Up link to the Finding Your Writers Voice community is here.

So what separates out the Finding Your Writers Voice from other writing communities? Many reasons rally, I’ve made an attempt to list the top ten reasons below:

  1. You get to engage, listen to and talk to fellow writers every week
  2. Each week a different literary topic is focused on
  3. You get to meet writers from all over the world
  4. All writing formats are covered
  5. You’re given the opportunity to showcase your writing, only if you wish
  6. Can be a source of beta readers if you ask nicely 🙂
  7. You’ll get weekly inspiration to continue on your journey
  8. You’ll be given the opportunity to choose the weekly literary topic
  9. It can get competitive! Races have been known to breakout to finish that first draft!
  10. Share your own tips and enjoy having an outlet that understands you, a community who gets you